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Jill's Acres is a private operating foundation located in Southern California. We are a foster-based animal rescue that focuses on rehabilitating homeless animals and connecting our rescue efforts to supporting homeless students.

Our Mission and Purpose

The mission of Jill’s Acres is to support and house homeless students and rescue and rehabilitate homeless animals. By helping to house homeless students and animals we will create a meaningful connection between these two that will provide the homeless student housing while providing an opportunity to care for animals in need.  This bonding relationship which will allow the student and the animal an opportunity to grow and live a more fulfilling life. This connection between the homeless students and the animals will also allow for personal growth and fulfillment and create a successful student and member of the community.

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Our Board

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Dr. Jill Zimmerman

Founder and President

Nancy Speaks


Lisa O'Leary


Contact Us

Please e-mail us at for any questions and inquiries. Thank you!

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